Sunday, February 21, 2010


The show confirmed my love for this band.  The sultry, raspy, sexy voice of Victoria Legrand proves to be much, much better than that on digital (which is often not the case).   The music sounds so basic, so effortless, but altogether moving and hypnotic.  Scott says that when he listens to Beach House : he feels like he's "somewhere nice and warm, like in a womb”…

I love, love, love this band and am ecstatic that we got the chance to see them live in a small venue, before they get huge (which they will) and the next thing you know, they’re playing stadiums.

Take a listen:

Beach House "Gila"

Biz xx

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Why have one Valentine when you can have a whole bunch?

And, not only is it Valentine’s day, but Chinese new year – sooo, red couldn’t be any more appropriate.

Happy valentine’s slash happy new year! (p.s. no cutting hair/sweeping your floor)

xxxxxxx  (extra kisses)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


One week in New York and I'm hooked.

Although I've been to NYC at least a dozen times, this time was different.  This time I really felt like I could seriously live there.

I didn't want to leave...and that's saying a lot considering I was leaving New York for Paris, and not...Iowa or something.

It was an overwhelming week, but productive and exciting.  

I miss you New York. tear.

Sticky Toffee Cake with ice cream from Schiller's...oh, and of course, a glass of bubbly!

Conveyor belt of treats at the Sak's cafe

Lovely gift from Cartier

Eating in with friends

Massive bowl of guac from Rosa Mexicana's

Breakfast at the St. Regis Hotel c/o Bottega Veneta

Poached pear pancakes with maple butter from Clinton Street Bakery

Holy Eff - time for a cleanse!