Saturday, May 8, 2010


okay. so, it's been a long couple of deep dark months, but I feel like i've finally made it to the other side. I'm finally feeling youthful and inspired again!

My orchid bloomed two days ago and I figured it was a sign to get off my whiney ass and start sharing my Paris adventures once again.

So, first up is my visit to an amazing concept store called Merci:

It's one of those stores you can just spend hours in while you imagine how amazing your apartment (and life) would be if you could just afford to take everything home with you. The store carries everything from bohemian style fashion labels and accessories to rustic home decor to the cutest baby cribs to must-have stationary, not to mention two cafes and a library.

The square footage is so large that one begins to wonder how in the hell they can even afford to pay the rent! It turns out that the aim is only to "break even" while all profits go to a co-op for young women in Madagascar. Shopping for a good cause is always more fun!

A toute.



  1. you're back blogging! YAY!

    je l'adore!!! i definitely want to check 'merci' out next time i'm in town :)