Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I was planning on doing a roundup of my pics from the last two weeks. But, unfortunately, my camera was stolen last night off of the terrace I was sitting on with friends. This is the reality of living in a big city like Paris...always keep your valuables close.

Nonetheless, the weather has been amazing and I'm now seeing Paris in a whole new light. After such a dark, cold and depressing winter I really feel alive again. The people are friendlier, it's light out until 10pm, the terraces are full of happy people - smoking, drinking, eating and relaxing. It's the French joie de vivre.

This is the Paris I love - and the reason I want to stay.


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  1. oh bébé - so sorry to hear about your digicam. but oh so happy to hear you're embracing the paris joie de vivre! profite-bien ma chérie!